Passenger Service Facility Charge

Kitakyushu Airport requires to passengers to pay the Charge added to the airfare on the ticket issued through an Airline at the time of payment of the airfare.

Information of Passenger Service Facility Charge


Domestic Flight

Domestic departure and arrivals
Adult (Aged 12years or over) JPY ¥100
Child (3years-old~11years-old) JPY ¥50

International Flight

International Departure
Adult (Aged 12 years or over) JPY¥310
Child (3 years-old~11 years-old) JPY¥150
*Passengers who are younger than 2 years of age flying on a “Child” airline ticket will be deemed a “Child”. However, this is limited to the passengers whose airline tickets are issued after April 1st 2014. Passengers whose airline tickets are issued before April 1st 2014 will be subject to the current charge.

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