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Access to the surrounding area

From Kitakyushu city
Kitakyushu Airport ⇔ Kokura Bus 33 minutes
Car 30 minutes
Train+Bus35 minutes
From Keichiku area
Kitakyushu Airport ⇔ Kanda Car 15 minutes
Train+Bus 20 minutes
Kitakyushu Airport ⇔ YUkuhashi Car 22 minutes
Train+Bus 25 minutes
Kitakyushu Airport ⇔ Buzen Car 40 minutes
Train+Bus 35 minutes
From Chikuho area
Kitakyushu Airport ⇔ Tagawa Car 48 minutes
Train+Bus 65 minutes
From Fukuoka area
Kitakyushu Airport ⇔ Hakata Car 60 minutes
Train+Bus 35 minutes*1 When using the Shinkansen
From Oita area
Kitakyushu Airport ⇔ Nakatsu Car 58 minutes
Train+Bus 65 minutes
From Yamaguchi area
Kitakyushu Airport ⇔ Shimonoseki Car 35 minutes
Train+Bus 45 minutes

*1 When using the Shinkansen

The above required time is an approximate time and does not take into account time zones or time changes due to transfers.

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