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Waiting room for domestic boarding at 2nd floor(after passing the security checkpoint)
クレジットカード JCBカードVISAカードマスターカードアメリカンエクスプレスカードDCカード銀聯カード
Per person ・・・ 880 yen (tax included)
3 to 12 years old ・・・440 yen (tax included )
alcoholic drink ・・・It costs money
  • Please note that it cannot be used after arrival.
  • Please be careful about your luggage. Please note that we are not responsible for any theft or loss.
  • Please refrain from bringing in foods and drinks with strong odors and alcoholic beverages.
  • Please refrain from making phone calls using mobile phones in the lounge. Please use the general boarding waiting room outside the lounge when making a call.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the lounge. Please use the smoking area in the boarding waiting room.

Target card

JCB JCB the CLASS card
JCB Platinum card
JCB Gold The Premier card
JCB Gold card
JCB VISA Platinum card
Gold card
JCB Diners Club Card
JCB Lexus card
Gold card
JCB MUFG Platinum card
Gold Prestige
JCB Gold card
JCB Gold card
Gold van card
JCB American Express
(Domestically issued cards excluding blue cards, some corporate cards, and affiliated cards)
JCB Life Card Gold
JCB Rakuten Black Card
Rakuten Premium Card
Rakuten Gold Card
JCB Gold Card
Young Gold Card
JCB Jaccs Card Gold
Jaccs Card Platinum
JCB Epos Platinum card
Epos Gold Card
JCB Platinum card
Gold Card
JCB Platinum card
Gold Card
Business Gold Card
Those who have the right to use

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