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SORANOKOKA deep sky corner

Official shop of StarFlyer, drinks and snacks are available for passengers boarding early in the morning and late at night. The shop is located in the domestic flight waiting room, so it can only be used by passengers on board.

SORANOKOKA deep sky corner
場所 2F Domestic check-in lobby
営業時間 7:00~21:00
電話番号 093-473-9764
クレジットカード JCBカードVISAカードマスターカードアメリカンエクスプレスカードDCカード銀聯カード
電子決済 edywaoniDQUICKPaysugocasugocaはやかけんkitacasuicapasmotoicamanacaicoca

Featured Products


Crescent croissant


Nanban ourai raspberry

Main products

<Spicy cod roe>
Inakaan, Matsumoto, Fukutomi, Kuradashi Mentai Honpo, Gozenya, Yamaya, Fukusaya, Kyushu Maruichi Foods
Crescent croissant, Nanban ourai, Oimocchi, Hakata no hito, Tyrolean, Ogura nikki, Pontsuku, Zabieru, Gion daiko, Brown sugar donut stick, Fukuya Maintai Senbei
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