Kabata konbuzuke karashi mentai ・・・JPY ¥1,080~JPY ¥5,400

Great taste with good dried kelp.

Chikuho ramen SAKURA (3 meals case) ・・・JPY ¥648


HAKATA Kamaboko "Oryoryo"「Mentai-Mayonnaise taste」 ・・・JPY ¥1,080

  • 7:00~20:30
  • 093-474-3811
  • Credit Card available 
  • IC Card

JAL group “BLUE SKY” is opened 96 shops in 25 airports has great variety of lines; such as souvenirs, goods, sake etc. Also, assorted “SORABEN” and “KUKOU SWEETS” which got a lot of media exposure.

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