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Our cargo freight network

Scheduled International Cargo Flights

Korean Air (3w: Wed, Thu, Sat)
2024 Summer Schedule (Mar. 31 through Oct. 26, 2024)
Day Route Aircraft
Wed LAX (11:35) →
KKJ (16:10)
KKJ (18:10) →
ICN (19:20)
Thu, Sat ICN (14:45) →
KKJ (16:20)
KKJ (19:20) →
ICN (20:45)
*As of February 2024 and is subject to change without notice.
Please see the website ( for the latest information.
  • Approx. 100 tons can be transported on large-sized cargo aircraft.
  • Connected to 43 countries and 120 cities via Incheon.

Korean Air: +81-93-531-9872
UPS (5w: Mon-Fri)
Route Aircraft
SZX → KIX→ KKJ (10:35) B767F-300F
KKJ (20:20) → KIX → SZX
  • The only integrator transport in Kyushu.
  • Connected to over 200 countries and regions within 1 to 3 days.

UPS: 0120-27-1040

Scheduled Domestic Cargo Flights

Yamato Group (daily) from April 11, 2024.
Flight number Route Aircraft
IJ422 KKJ (7:00) → NRT (8:50) A321-200P2F
IJ456 OKA (15:45) → KKJ (17:30)
IJ426 KKJ (19:15) → NRT (21:05)
IJ425 NRT (22:30) → KKJ (0:25)
*Start with 2 daily (eventually to 5 daily)
  • The only domestic freighter in Japan.
  • Speedy air cargo minimizes the time between production and consumption points and it helps strengthen the regional competitiveness.
  • Contribute to the improvement of functions as a logistics center of entire Kitakyushu area.
Image provided by Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.
Please contact below for belly capacities of passenger aircraft.
JAL Cargo
SFJ(ANA Cargo)

Cargo Transport unique to Kitakyushu Airport

Sea and air transport
Sea and air transport is available taking advantage of maritime airport.

Air transport

Marine transport

Contact Information

Bonded warehouse management Green Shipping +81-93-474-7012

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