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Geographical Advantages of Kitakyushu Airport

  • Proximity to Asia
  • 24-hour operation
  • Offshore airport enables sea and air transport.
  • Transport hub between Honshu and Kyushu connecting various areas by land, sea, and air.

Transportation network connecting Kitakyushu Airport with major cities in the hinterland.
*time and distance from Kanda-Kitakyushukuko IC to IC in various cities.

(Data published from NEXCO-West)

Kitakyushu Airport’s Hinterland


[For airlines]
Support for operation
[For forwarders]
Subsidy for international cargo
[For forwarders]
Support for new shippers
[For forwarders and shippers]
Subsidy for import/export customs clearance
[For forwarders and shippers]
Import and export customs clearance subsidy

*Please contact us below for more details.

Contact Information

Category Business Phone
Bonded warehouse management Green Shipping  +81-93-474-7012
Ground handling JAL +81-93-474-0500
SFJ +81-93-555-9300
CIQ Moji Customs, Kitakyushu Airport Branch Customs +81-93-475-6300
Moji Plant Protection Station +81-93-321-2601
Animal Quarantine Service, Moji Branch +81-93-321-1116
Fukuoka Quarantine Station, Moji Quarantine Branch +81-93-321-3056
Immigration Services Agency, Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau, Kitakyushu Branch Office +81-93-582-6915

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