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Sky Connect KKJ

Sky Connect KKJ is a nickname of “Kitakyushu Airport Logistics Base Promotion Council.”
The project to develop Kitakyushu Airport as a logistics base for Kyushu and Nishi-Chugoku area is undertaken in collaboration with local authorities, shippers and various related entities. We are striving to realize "local cargo from the local airport of KKJ" transport and eventually the enhanced services and extensive cargo network.
Sky Connect KKJ takes the initiative in creating a virtuous cycle.

Join us!

We’re recruiting companies to work with "Sky Connect KKJ” in order to develop Kitakyushu Airport and serve you better.
*No membership fee for joining.
Sky Connect KKJ (Kitakyushu Airport Logistics Base Promotion Council)
(Phone) +81-93-582-2308

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