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Coin locker

Coin locker
場所 1F Domestic Arrival Lobby
2F Domestic departure lobby
営業時間 Opening hours of the terminal building
電話番号 093-475-4195

<Service contents>

  1. Usage fee: Within 24 hours from the start of use Small ¥ 200 Large ¥ 300
  2. Excess charge: If the usage time exceeds 24 hours, an excess charge of ¥ 200 for small and ¥ 300 for large will be added.
    After that, an excess charge of ¥ 200 for small size and ¥ 300 for large size will be added every 24 hours.
    ※After 24 hours have passed since the start of use, the lock cannot be unlocked without paying an excess charge.
  3. Expiration date: 7 days (within 168 hours) from the start of use
  4. Storage measures: If the stored items are not picked up after the period of use, they will be stored separately for 30 days including the start date of use.
    If you do not pick it up, we will dispose of it as if you have abandoned the ownership.
  5. Lost Key: If you lose your key, please notify us immediately. A key exchange fee of ¥ 3,000 will be charged.
  6. Others: Please read the "Locker Rental Terms and Conditions" on the back of the locker door before using.
    Size (inside dimensions) Small Width 42 cm Height 40 cm Depth 65 cm
    Large Width 42 cm Height 87 cm Depth 65 cm

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